Internships Count
"Intern wage rates for bachelor's degree candidates ranged from $13.91 for freshman to $17.57 for seniors." -NACE 2012 Internship & Co-op Survey

Internship experience is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of employers hiring new grads. Remember, it's all about setting yourself apart and going above and beyond. Doing more than what your average "competitor" will do. So, if at all possible, try for an internship rather than just any old part-time or summer job, or even worse, doing nothing at all. An additional note: If you get an interview for an internship, don't be afraid to ask the hiring manager for the nitty gritty on what projects and day-to-day responsibilities you'd be assigned. You'll want to make sure you're getting the opportunity to develop new resume-boosting skills, as well as to gain critical learning experiences and up close and personal industry knowledge. This is what real internships are designed to offer. Fortunately, because most employers nowadays use internships as investment opportunities that allow them to groom near-future hires, you shouldn't run into many paper-shuffling, coffee-running "internships" anyway. If you snag a great internship and do a wonderful job, you could very likely be hired permanently when you're ready to secure full time employment. So like with everything else in career matters, be forward-thinking and strategic!

"85% of companies use internships and similar experiential education programs to recruit for their full-time workforces."

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